5 August 2014

Remembering Jeff Porcaro!

Incredibly, today it's been 22 years since Jeff passed. But through the music he made, and the human being he were, his presence is ever so strong. Today we celebrate the man with the golden time and groove!

Jeff inspired so many people, and continues to do so. Even The Toto Tribute project exists mainly because of Jeff. So today we will put on our headphones and listen to Rosanna, Africa, These Chains, Pamela, Georgy Porgy, Mushanga and all the other wonderful songs that Jeff graced with his fantastic time & groove.

Here's to you, Jeff!

16 July 2014

Brand new website now live!

The new website for The Toto Tribute is now up and running. As the website has been created and is maintained by the band itself, and not by professional developers, there may be the odd glitch here and there. Please give us a shout if you find anything unusually suspect.

On this website you'll find the latest news about the band. Check out the Shows section for info about upcoming shows, and the Audio/Video section for our videos etc.

Don't forget to sign our GuestBook in the Fan Area.

Of course you can still follow us on FaceBook but make sure you sign up for TheTotoTribute NewsLetter to not miss out on any updates (as you probably know FB filters out a lot of posts). To sign up for the NewsLetter just follow the link above or click on the NewsLetter blob to the right on this page!

That's all for now. Hope to see you at our next show on September 3 in Stockholm, Sweden!

10 March 2014

World-class guitarist Tommy Denander joins The Toto Tribute!

Top guitarist, song-writer & producer Tommy Denander joins The Toto Tribute. Tommy will be performing live with the band in between his busy schedule working as a much sought after session & live guitarist, song-writer and producer.

Tommy has for several years been the backbone of former Toto lead singer Bobby Kimball’s live band. Tommy has also worked with most members of Toto, past and present.

Over a 30 year period Tommy has worked on more than 2,200 albums, singles, TV-shows and movies. Credits include Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, Toto, Jeff Beck, Peter Cetera, Santana, Steve Perry and many more. The Toto Tribute is currently setting up dates for 2014.

Peter Yttergren (Drums) - "We are extremely happy and honoured that Tommy wants to join The Toto Tribute. I really can't think of a better fit for this project and having Tommy on board will take it to a whole new level."